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Handmade and swarovski crystal earrings from MKFD

Handmade Earrings For Sale December 14, 2009

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On this page, you can find all of the handmade earrings that I created which are currently for sale. If you would like to buy any of My unique earrings, simply click on the ‘buy it now’ button below the picture of the earrings, that you would like to purchase. The shipping cost for anywhere in the US is a flat rate of $2.00. If you order more than one jewelry item together, then the shipping cost is $2.00 for the first item plus $0.50 for each additional item and they will be shipped together. Just let me know after you’ve purchased it so that I can refund the money via paypal. Jewelry will be shipped no longer than 3 days after payment. I also have an Etsy store, but since Etsy charges per listing as well as a percentage of every transaction, I have slight price variations. If you’d like to visit my Etsy shop, you can find all of my swarovski crystal earrings as well. If you would like to request a custom pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, cellphone charm, or any other custom handmade jewelry, visit the custom jewelry page.

These earrings were made with genuine swarovski crystal 4mm bicones. They were one of my first projects made using swarovski crystals and I am very happy with how these earrings turned out! They shimmer and sparkle with every move you make! The hearts give them a vintage look, and I think they would be perfect for a wedding. To buy these earrings for $14.00, click the paypal button below.

These mushroom earrings were one of my first sculpey clay bead projects. I created these beads entirely out of sculpey clay, which means each earring or necklace you order with these mushroom beads will be 100% unique! Can be requested in any color on my custom jewelry page, but to buy this specific pair for just $5.00, click on the paypal button below.

These dangle earrings were made using 2 different types of blue hearts. The two dark blue hearts on the shorter chains are slightly puffy, whereas the light blue heart on the longest chain is flat. The variations in the chain lengths in these earrings bring focus to each of the hearts individually and serve to bring the entire earring together in an elegent design. These earrings can be purchased for $5.00

These simple swarovski crystal earrings were made using 3 variations of blue swarovski crystal 4mm bicone beads. The three different lengths of chain make each color stand out against the other two, and the swinging of these swarovski crystal earrings sparkle with every move you make. These swarovski crystal earrings can be purchased for $6.00.

These swarovski crystal earrings were created to mirror the 7 chakra points, or energy centers of the body. For more about chakras, visit my Etsy listing on this swarovski crystal chakra necklace. Along the chain are hematite and rose quartz stones for accent. This swarovski crystal chakra necklace can be purchased for $9.00 by clicking the paypal button below.
To purchase the set, including the neckalce and matching earings, for $20.00 click this button.

These simple, adorable earrings make quite a statement! The stark contrast of the bright red cherries against the black stem really stand out against the skin. The cherries in these earrings are made of ceramic and are painted with a shiny gloss paint. These cherry earrings can be purchased for $4.00.

These adorable 3D Santa Claus earrings were created using the same 3D right angle weave beading stitch as the animals in the next section of this page. Santa Claus was made entirely using seed beads and has a genuine 3mm swarovski crystal bicone nose. To purchase these swarovski crystal seed bead Santa Claus earrings for just $7.00, click the paypal button below.

Theese earrings are made with the unique pull through style. They need no backs since the long chain is pulled through the ear and hangs out the back, securing the earring in place. It also accents the neck, making it appear more long and slender. These earrings were maid with glass beads in a cluster which hang at the end of the chain. These unique pull through earrings can be purchased for $19.00.

Since my sushi earrings were such a great hit at both the craft show as well as on Etsy, I’ve decided to list another pair. These sushi earrings were made entirely out of sculpey clay, which mean’s they’re one of a kind and totally unique! These sushi earrings can be purchased for just $6.00
These chandelier earrings were another popular style of earrings at the craft show. This particular pair of earrings have metallic silver toned suns in the middle with orange glass beads along the bottom. Add some sunshine to your day with these cute chandelier earrings for just $9.00!
These chandelier earrings, made in the same style as the earrings above, sport silver toned metal hearts in the middle. I’ve added red glass seed beads along the bottom for accent. Show some love to someone by giving them these earrings for just $9.00!